sweet ice cream dreams kitty doll


Say hello to our POP collection! each doll has been made with love care, and just a pop of color & whimsy. Every doll is unique in her attributes so look closely at those details before choosing a favorite! These honeys are perfect for summer and will sure to be a new bestie for life!


our mini beauties are here & we love them from thier unprortional heads to thier sweet feet! these are limited addition dolls so get them while you can, each come with a removable skirt as well as shoes! each doll is roughly 17 inches tall. Each handmade, and with a personality of their own our cuddly softies are ready to meet their forever best friend!


Every doll is guaranteed to be one of a kind and is equipped to fit any sold separately accessories. **Skirts, shorts and bow ties may be changed on doll upon request. Our whimsy dolls are meticulously handcrafted at my home studio in Spring Branch, Texas. When I set out to create I focus on bringing my customers and their precious children the most beautiful and unique doll possible, while maintaining durability. These dolls come fully equipped with removable do skirts/pants that can be changed out for different skirt styles for all day fun dress up!All whimsy doll faces are embroidered with hand drawn designs, and their hair is hand sewn with alpaca based yarn. The body consists of 100% cotton, and is stuffed with hypoallergenic fiber fill. each doll will be approximately 22 inches head to toe, making them the perfect size for big hugs.The skirt and shoes included with the outfit are removable, to make for a fun day of play and dress up, along with easy clean up.Though they are meant to be heirlooms, we are proud to say they are strong enough to go on big adventures with your little