Blue llama Blanket

here is no greater gift than that of the soft comfort for your little-loved one. The warm embrace of the soft Blue llama blanket is sure to help soothe your baby into a lullaby. Each blanket backing is hand chosen to ensure maximum fluff-ertude and softness, to satisfy your babies comfort from their wispy hairs all the way down to their wiggle toes. I guarantee that you and your little snuggle monster will be smitten with your new, hand-sewn creation! 


*each one of our cuddly blankets can be monogrammed to make the perfect customized gift for the special little one in your life! the name will appear on Flannel portion of the blanket and will be approximately five inches long. When ordering a custom monogrammed blanket I will require a message either before or after the order is placed with the correct spelling of the name.


**Since each blanket is handmade the sizes listed above are approximated, the order processing time will take approximately one week to ship.


***Why Sherpa/cuddle Llama? These are absolutely the softest blanket options you can hope for, like sleeping on a cloud! Sherpa is a much more light weight fabric that is soft to the touch and is great for tummy time, while cuddle llama is more substantial and luxurious along with more stunning in photographs. If you have any further questions please feel free to message me!

Backing Fabric